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Kompozit Group at the InterAuto-2014 Expo, Moscow

Главная News Kompozit Group at the InterAuto-2014 Expo, Moscow
4 Сентября 2014

Kompozit Group at the InterAuto-2014 Expo, Moscow

The Kompozit Group Holding took part in the 10th Anniversary International Exhibition INTERAUTO-2014, held in Moscow in the exhibition center Crocus Expo from 28 to 31 August 2014. For 8 years in a row our company is the permanent participant in this landmark event.

This year the exhibition was held simultaneously with the Moscow International Automobile Salon (MIAS-2014). Thus, the IEC Crocus Expo has become a real "paradise for motorists", concentrating all the most modern and interesting invented and produced by the automotive industry over the past few years.

The Expo had more than 50 000 visitors. Major employees from automaker industry, automotive components trading and shipping companies were among them.

The Expo lived up to our expectations completely. During the 4-day exposition some of our regional dealers attended at our exhibition-stand. Stream of representatives from Aftermarket segment was particularly tight in the first 2 days of the exhibition—our stand was attended by experts from all key regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Murmansk to Sevastopol. There were potential customers from all countries of the former Soviet Union. The Kompozit Group brand became truly recognized among experts of automotive industry!

In the atmosphere of comfort of the conference room meetings and negotiations were held one after another to sum up the results of joint work, to discuss plans for the future and sign new agreements.

All the visitors of Kompozit Group exhibition-stand received new booklets, leaflets, product catalogs for 2014-2015. Dealers and potential distributors were given branded flash drives that contain the catalog of radiator products, interactive presentation of our Holding and videos about our factories. The representatives of our dealers were awarded Kompozit Group branded VIP gifts for the successful fulfillment of the planned sales volumes.

The latest developments of our enterprises were presented on the stand: aluminum radiators and intercoolers for MAZ (OEM), copper-brass radiators for modern models of KAMAZ and URAL (Aftermarket), aluminum oil radiators for URAL trucks and diesel power stations.

A separate line held talks with representatives of the media, advertising and PR agencies on the active promotion of the Holding products on the market.

For active participation in the exhibition, our company was awarded with the Diploma of the participant of the exhibition, and a letter of gratitude from the leadership of the IEC Crocus Expo.

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