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The exhibition Aiyl-Agro 2016, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Main page News The exhibition Aiyl-Agro 2016, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
31 May 2016

The exhibition Aiyl-Agro 2016, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Aiyl-Agro 2016: Innovative solutions of agro-industrial complex

May, 25-27, at the Old Square of Bishkek the IV International Agro-industrial Exhibition Aiyl-Agro 2016 was held—the central branch platform to showcase the latest technological solutions in the agricultural sector. This year the latest technologies and the best samples of agricultural machinery from 32 companies from 20 countries of the world were presented. The event was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic with the support of the government.

At the opening ceremony of Aiyl-Agro 2016 First Deputy Prime Minister Muhammetkaliy Abulgaziev noted that the most important stage for his country was entering the EAEU. After all, a huge market with a population of over 200 million opened for Kyrgyz producers. The new horizons appear in front of native farmers—now they will be able to export large volumes of environmentally friendly products of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The booth of the Avtomash-Radiator plant (part of the Kompozit Group Holding) had once again become one of the most visited at the show. LLC Avtomash-Radiator presented the products of leading engineering enterprises of the EAEU:

- Minsk Tractor Works JSC —Belarus-320.4, Belarus-82.1, Belarus-1221.2 tractors with varied mounted equipment;

- Gomselmash PA —harvesters Palesse GS5, Palesse GS812;

- Klever JSC —grain thrower ISM-90; rotary mower SapSun 2400;

- Almaz TD (Russia)—plows Finist, and harrows Dana.

Our representatives presented a line of own products: about 30 pieces of equipment for various purposes in total, ranging from garden sprayers to grain combine machines.

Avtomash-Radiator had shown the latest models of agricultural and harvesting machinery—seeders, sprayers and more—without which Kyrgyz farmers simply can not do, as its use allows greatly reduce the losses and costs of harvest cleaning and storage. Particular attention from local farmers was attracted by MZS-90 self-propelled grain thrower, which is designed for grain loading—the loading is carried out continuously with an even distribution of crops at the vehicle body. Farmers were also interested in SapSun 2400 rotary mower.

The Aiyl-Agro 2016 exhibition became a demonstration area for the agricultural equipment of Production Association Gomselmash from the Republic of Belarus, which produces vehicles under the brand name "Palesse". The Avtomash-Radiator plant is the official dealer of PA Gomselmash. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, we provide sales and service support for various kinds of agricultural machinery from that Belarusian brand. This equipment allows the use of modern agricultural technologies in most of crop production sectors. It is able to provide high quality harvest with low costs and fast return on investment.

Palesse GS812 combine harvester aroused a sincere interest among the visitors. The classic single drum middle class member with a grind and a straw walker, this compact and maneuverable harvester designed for throughput of about 8 kg/s and produces about 12 tons of grain every hour.

The Aiyl-Agro 2016 visitors actively discussed the machine specifications and modern appearance. Everyone could rate comfort of the cabins and try oneself as a mechanic.

We hope that the IV International Agro-industrial Exhibition Aiyl-Agro 2016 became the main guide for specialists of agricultural industry in the search for effective technological solutions for business, as well as allowed Kyrgyz farmers to exchange useful information and valuable experience.

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