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Gas diesel tractor MTZ Belarus-82 produced by BMZ Plant

Главная News Gas diesel tractor MTZ Belarus-82 produced by BMZ Plant
18 Февраля 2016

Gas diesel tractor MTZ Belarus-82 produced by BMZ Plant

At the beginning of February 2016, the first of Belarus-82.1 tractors with a mixed gas diesel fuel system came off the assembly line of Buzuluk Mechanical Plant (Buzuluk city, Orenburg region, Russia).

During the next month after this significant moment for the Russian industry, these machines had several hundreds of kilometers in the factory test and control mode in an urban environment, being supplied to the enterprises of housing and communal services in cities of Samara, Orenburg and Buzuluk. Specialists from those companies made the general conclusion from the test results about the significant (50%) money saving on fuel with a positive impression of the work of the internal combustion engine and the entire fuel equipment.

Engineers of JSC BMZ had chosen Belarus-82.1—the most popular tractor on the CIS territory, intended for unitizing a variety of agricultural and utility equipment—as the base model for the installation of gas system. This model was selected also due to its extensive use in housing and utility services in urban areas, which put forward higher requirements for environmental class, economy and the noise of vehicles. The propane-butane fuel mixture is the best one to meet these requirements.

The main advantages of tractors with mixed-diesel-gas fuel system are:

- Lower operating costs based on fuel,

- Reducing emissions of harmful substances from the combustion of fuel, which has a positive effect on the environmental situation in the cities,

- Noise reduction with the engine running,

- Engine life increasing by 1.5–2 times due to the lack of oil film washing from the cylinder walls,

- An increase in the engine oil lifetime by 1.5–2 times,

- An increase in the turnaround time of the engine by 1.5 times,

- An absence of detonation when the engine is running on gas,

- An overall reduction in operating costs.

The installation of gas equipment increases the cost of the vehicle by not more than 10%, which pays off in the first 2 years of operation.

Tractor Belarus-GAS-82.1 is your reliable assistant in the fields of housing and agriculture!

JSC BMZ Press-service

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