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Buzuluk Mechanical Plant JSC

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About the Company

Buzuluk Mechanical Plant Joint Stock Company (BMZ JSC) is the part of the Kompozit Group Holding. BMZ Plant is the largest machine-building enterprise of the Western Orenburg region. It produce a wide range of radiators and heat exchangers, as well as tractor, agricultural and special machinery based on MTZ Belarus tractors.

Buzuluk Mechanical Plant was founded in 1901. In 2011 the plant celebrated its 110th anniversary.

Since 1971, the factory launched production of copper-brass brazed radiators and heat exchangers for tractors, agricultural and special machinery. Currently, there are more than 70 models of radiators, water-type and oil coolers, heaters, charge-air coolers and intercoolers in production. Today, BMZ Plant is as an authorized supplier of the KOMPOZIT GROUP brand radiators to the production lines of leading manufacturers of agricultural and specialized vehicles: Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant ChTZ-Uraltrac, Chelyabinsk Construction and Road Machines - ChSDM, Kalinin Machine-Building Plant - MZiK, Plant Iskra, Yaroslavl Motor Plant - Autodiesel, Production Association Amkodor and UralTermoSvar company. All radiators are supplied to the market in individual or pallet packaging with the KOMPOZIT GROUP branding.

You can view the model range and prices of our radiator products in the Catalog section.

In January 2009, all companies of the Kompozit Group Holding signed a dealership agreement with Minsk Tractor Works RUE and received the status of the selling dealers of MTZ Belarus tractor machinery in Sverdlovsk, Orenburg regions of Russia and in Kyrgyzstan.

On April 13, 2009, on the territory of Buzuluk Mechanical Plant dealership center for the sale of MTZ tractor vehicles was opened.

The dealership center provides not just the sale of the entire line of the Minsk Tractor Plant tractors, but also the pre-sale and after-sale services - maintenance and warranty or post-warranty repair of MTZ machinery - in accordance with requirements of technical documentation and the Russian Federation law. Production and technical base, equipped with the necessary technological, diagnostic and test equipment, was established on the territory of BMZ Plant for the qualitative servicing of MTZ machinery.

All the models of Belarus tractors have ample opportunities of unitizing with agricultural machines from different manufacturers, mounted and towing machinery, that can be offered to the customer. Experts of the dealership center will assemble and install any mounted or towing machinery at the buyer's request.

The October 21, 2009, MTZ Belarus-82 tractor assembly line opened at BMZ Plant. Today, the line is designed for the assembly of 2,400 tractors per year. In addition to the Belarus-82 model, BMZ Plant assembles its "predecessor" Belarus-80, as well as Belarus-320 mini-tractor and high-power Belarus-1221. In addition, the production of mounted utility equipment and towed agricultural machinery is mastered.

Proper marketing of the tractor machinery of our own production had paid off - in 2010 BMZ Plant produced 1,193 units of machinery, winning 23% of the market of new wheeled tractors. Among the Russian manufacturers BMZ Plant won an honorable 2nd place for the production of wheeled tractors that year. In 2011, BMZ Plant increased production of tractors by a record 45% (to 1734 units)! Tractors of our production are shipped to all regions of the Russian Federation from Moscow to Irkutsk.

The development plans of the company on 2015-2017 highlighted a significant increase in the length of the assembly line, whereby the annual assembly should be about 3600 units per year.

You can view the model range of tractors, harvesters and construction machinery in the Catalog section.

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