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Mission and values

Главная About company Mission and values

The Company's Mission:

The Kompozit Group Holding is a group of specialized companies combined with the aim of producing high quality products required by the customer.

We offer our partners a mutually beneficial co-operation and stability of the business relationships that are based on reasonable decisions and advanced business technologies.

By realizing the knowledge, experience and energy of each employee, we provide them with worthy today and tomorrow.

Our Values:

  • Professionalism. Lots of experience and expertise, the ability to change in accordance with tasks and situation.
  • Leadership. The company's commitment to the development and conquest of new markets, and solving the tasks of any complexity.
  • Employees. The main value. The team of Holding's professionals and specialists allows to accomplish great results.
  • Customers. Customer focus, loyalty to customers and partners. The result of doing business is not just money, but positive emotions as well.
















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