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The Kompozit Group Holding currently unites the Management Company, which has an office and a warehouse in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk region, Russia), with Buzuluk Mechanical Plant JSC (Buzuluk, Orenburg region, Russia), and Kyrgyzavtomash JSC (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan), that produce cooling radiators for the automotive, special and agricultural machinery.

Until recently, the holding included Ekaterinburg Plant Kompozit JSC (Ekaterinburg, Russia), but in 2006-2007 all the equipment for the production of radiators had been transferred to Buzuluk Mechanical Plant and Avtomash-Radiator; so now, all the production facilities are concentrated at two companies – in Buzuluk and Bishkek.

Each of the Holding companies has its own history:

Ekaterinburg Plant Kompozit JSC was created in the period of recovery of the national economy from devastation of the Civil War. Initially, these were workshops for repair and restoration of the local transport system (the opening of w hich took place in January 1922).

From July 1941, due to increase in production volumes and expansion of transport repair inflow geography, the workshops were transferred to the Russian trust Rosavtoremont and received the status of the factory with the name “Sverdlovskiy Autoremontniy Zavod” (Sverdlovsk Repair Factory).

In 1959, in order to fulfill the task of Gosplan RSFSR, Sverdlovsk Economic Council (Sovnarkhoz) decided to completely convert the factory to produce water-type radiators and oil coolers for the C-80 and T-100 crawler tractors. The implementation of the solution required to carry out a complete reconstruction of the factory production, assembly and partial manufacturing of new technological equipment, recruitment and training of staff in new professions. The work was completed on time. By the end of 1959, the first water radiators for a C-80 tractor were assembled. In 1960, the serial production of oil coolers was started.

In 1961, along with the release of radiators for the C-80 tractors, the factory's team had mastered manufacturing and started serial production of water-type radiators and oil coolers for the more powerful T-100 tractors.

In 1966 the factory was transferred to the Ministry of Tractor and Agricultural Machinery, directly to Glavtraktorodetal, and in 1970 it was renamed to “Sverdlovskiy Zavod Radiator” in accordance with the nomenclature of products.

In subsequent years, the new, more advanced design of water-type radiator was developed for a powerful crawler tractor T-130 of Chelyabinsk Tractor Factory. The first radiators of the new design came out from the assembly lines of the factory in December 1972 and were mass-produced later.

In the eighties, without stopping the production output, the factory carried out the reconstruction of production aimed at improving working conditions and increasing productivity. The three new, more sophisticated automatic production lines for the manufacture of radiator tubes, and 9 rotary machines for core-section assembly were implemented. The work package was carried out to set the manufacturing to use centralized heat supply with the closure of coal-fired technological and heating boilers, as well as other activities. The significant measures conducted for the further improvement of quality of the radiators. As the result of that work, the T-130 radiator received a "National Quality Mark" certificate.

In 1989, the factory was renamed to “Pilot Plant Kompozit”, and from July 1, 1997, the factory became a joint stock company and gets the name “Ekaterinburg Plant Kompozit JSC”, retaining its main activity—production of water and oil coolers for agricultural and specialized vehicles.

In 2006, Buzuluk Mechanical Plant JSC —which main specialty at that time was to produce water-type radiators and oil coolers for tractors, harvesters and specialized machinery—was introduced into the Holding.

At the present time, in Ekaterinburg, on the site of the factory Kompozit, the Managing Company of Kompozit Group Holding is located, sales office of cooling radiators and agricultural vehicles. There are also warehouses with radiator products manufactured, and the marketplace—which contains the products of MTZ (Minsk Tractor Works JSC) and other manufacturers—as well as a service center engaged in the pre-sale preparation, warranty and service.

Buzuluk Mechanical Plant JSC is one of the oldest industrial enterprises of the Orenburg region, established by businessman Mikhail Alexandrovich Nikitin in 1901 as an iron foundry.

The 1941, a tool factory was evacuated from Nikolaev city, with the result that the production of sawmill frames, compressors and gas cylinders was mastered.

In 1971, the factory became part of Radiator production association and mastered the production of radiators for agricultural machinery. In 1981, the factory reconstruction took place, as a result of which the technological equipment to produce copper-brazed radiators was installed.

In 2003, the international quality management system was implemented in accordance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (9001-2000), and the factory received the Certificate of Compliance in January 2004 valid until January 16, 2010.

In the period from 2003 to 2007, 28 kinds of new products were developed.

In 2008, more than 20 new types of radiator products were mastered.

In April 2009, the dealer center for the sale of machinery and spare parts of MTZ (Minsk Tractor Works JSC) opened on the base of BMZ (Buzuluk Mechanical Plant), as well as the service center which deals with pre-sale preparation, warranty and service.

The October 21, 2009, a Belarus-82.1 tractor assembly line opened at Buzuluk Mechanical Plant (BMZ). Today, the line is designed for the assembly of 2,500 tractors per year. In addition to the model Belarus-82.1, BMZ assembles its “predecessor” Belarus-80.1, as well as a new Belarus-320 tractor. After increasing the length of the assembly line, the annual assembly will be about 3600 units. In addition, the production of attached and towing machinery, for the further configuration of vehicles, will be created.

Kyrgyzavtomash JSC

In August 1947, on the base of a match factory and a foundry-mechanical plant construction the factory Frunzemash was organized. The factory specialized in production of various metal containers, water taps, trolley poles, sawmill frames.

In 1957, the output of men's road bicycles and cast iron was mastered.

Since 1959, the development of engine cooling radiators for trucks GAZ-51, MAZ-205, ZIL-164, and later for vehicles of Ulyanovsk, Minsk, Kremenchug, MosavtoZIL and other factories, took place.

In 1963 the factory was renamed into “Kirgizmash” and started production of watering machines and filling machines. The output of automotive radiators—which are exported to 36 countries, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia, China and others—was increased.

In 1966, the factory was named “Kirgizavtomash”. At this time, the factory mastered production of hydraulic lifts, power take-offs and control valves for dump trucks GAZ-53.

In August 1967 it manufactured the first batch of sidecar for IZH-Jupiter motorcycle, as well as discontinued bicycle production.

In 1970–1980, automotive radiators, sidecar motorcycles, components and parts for trucks were produced.

In the period from 1980 to 1985, production of sidecars for motorcycles was discontinued due to lack of demand from trade organizations.

Production of heavy tractor trailers was mastered. The output of cargo trailers for cars started.

The 1992, by the Decision #501 of the Board of the State Property Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic dated December 29, 1992, the factory Kyrgyzavtomash transformed into Joint Stock Company Kyrgyzavtomash.

In October 11, 2000, Avtomash-Radiator LLC - the Kyrgyzavtomash JSC subsidiary - was created on the basis of the assets of Kyrgyzavtomash JSC.

Since April 2007, Avtomash-Radiator LLC was incorporated into the Kompozit Group holding structure.

In 2009, Kyrgyzavtomash - due to a deep modernization of production and technological processes - achieved a major increase in production volumes and improved the quality of products, including the output of aluminum engine radiators, air conditioners and charge air coolers by Nocolok technology.

Today, Avtomash-Radiator plant is one of the largest enterprises in CIS and the only one in Central Asia that has 50-years of experience in design and manufacturing of radiators and heat exchangers for cars, trucks, buses, tractors, agricultural and special machinery.

The modern radiator manufacturing is specialized in production of the 272 models of copper-brass and aluminum automobile and tractor radiators, 98% of which is exported to CIS and other countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Hungary, Moldova and Poland.

In the recent years, by constantly improving the design of radiators and production technology on the basis of innovative solutions and by using the modern materials, the company's specialists have created a new progressive design, which is placed on base of the original engineering solutions protected by 4 Russian patents and 2 patents of the Kyrgyz Republic. This constant search and introduction of new technologies provide a decent quality of products, and as a result, an increased consumer interest in our products, in spite of the fierce competition in the automotive aftermarket.

The products of the company are characterized by high performance, stable level of quality, reliability and positive feedback from consumers and meets quality requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

The stable level of production is also provided by a good state of technological equipment and renewal of fixed assets. Currently, the main product line manufactured on the high-tech equipment of world famous companies:

  • Sellacan Industrieofen GmbH,
  • TRUMPF GmbH,
  • The Linde Group.

Avtomash-Radiator plant actively cooperates with:

  • 300,000 farms throughout the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • leading international organizations (UNO, The World Bank, USAID, ARIS, MERCY CORPS, International Committee of the Red Cross, and others.);
  • large industrial enterprises of Kyrgyzstan (JSC TNC Dastan, JSC Avtosborochniy Plant, Kumtor Operating Company and others.).

Now, the factory is developing dynamically, conquering markets throughout the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and beyond.

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